I’m Juan Pablo (JP) Gomez, a New York City-based web designer.

About Me

Grew up in Tepatitlán México, a place where the dirt is red, the tequila exceptional, and the tacos al pastor exquisite.

Moved to the Big Apple back in ’99 and fell in love with it. This city makes you want to visit the world just to come back and enjoy it even more.

About Jupago

I like to make things, so I became a designer.
I tend to break things, so I became a web developer.

The design part is straightforward. It takes a ton of practice, and there are no shortcuts. Make–-Iterate as often as possible. The Web part is a bit more complicated. Things are changing fast (Best practices, platforms, technologies). It is many times as much fun as it is frustrating.

But Why Jupago?

A Juan Gomez is being born every minute in Latin America, so I shortened it to Juan Pablo Gomez. Very proud when I started using it until I realized it is a common thing to do.


Constantly Building my website. Doing some awesome work for a good friend and mentor Irv Smalls at FC Harlem. Doing freelance work for New York’s NYCFC. Mentoring at Bloc Recently worked on the fdr4freedoms, In Pursuit of Freedom, Prospect New Orleans, Chris Lehrecke, and Sheppard Gallagher websites under the direction of Urshula Barbour and Paul Carlos at Pure+Applied