006 My Backup Plan

It is generally a good idea to have a backup plan.

• All my computer files are up to date.
• All my websites have scheduled backups (Database crashes are no fun).
• My wife and I make all kinds of plans; from where we’ll meet up if lost while traveling to where we’ll meet up in the likelihood of a Walking Dead apocalypse (It involves finding Daryl ASAP).

When it comes to a professional backup plan though…

I’ve come to find that I don’t have one.

I used to.

“What if the freelance thing doesn’t work out”.
“What if I find out I suck”.
“What if I go back to getting steady easy money at college job”.
“What if I fail at X”.

Then I got a healthy dose of experience—that pesky word we tend to think we can skip but always need more of—and a mindset adjustment that has helped me grow a ton over the last 2 years; I realized a backup plan is not always compatible with experience because you just can’t unlearn stuff. (Not the same as wishing you hadn’t watched another Adam Sandler movie).

I do have a plan. A structure of what I want to learn and what I want to accomplish. But I’m learning so much everyday and making something new every week, that I cannot know for sure where I’m going to be in 3 months.

What I know is that right now I’m working on projects I want to work on and I’m having a ton of fun. There are a few tools I need to learn, new technologies & updates coming out (CSS Grids FTW!) that I’m sure I will continue to adjust the way I work, learn, read, and make things.

<OK Google: Insert Journey vs Destination quote>