014 Feliz Cumpleaños!

There are two things I’m pretty excited about this week.

THING 1: Tomorrow is my Birthday!

Have always liked that my birthday is halfway (minus a month) between the new year and mid-year so I get to reassess all of those new year resolutions.

So far it is looking <Larry David> pretty… preeeetty… pretty good </Larry David>

I have been getting steady, exciting projects. Gone to a few conferences. Learned new techniques and got to travel a bit.

I’ve also failed at a few things. One of them is adding that WORK menu button to my website. Still can’t decide how to code it. SO! decided to set the excuses aside and give a quick update of a few things that I’ve worked on lately, some of which I will be writing about soon.


As part of the ongoing growth of FC Harlem, have been working with Irv Smalls on a lot of cool things. Some of them:

New website!


New logo!


Chelsea FC Soccer camps flyers and registration page



Also have been doing a ton of misc stuff for the past two years for NYCFC under the direction of Janine Padilla. One of the things we worked on this year was building a new set of newsletter templates that are responsive and super slim:





The Nature of Cities

Have been working with David Maddox on a few projects based on The Nature of Cities blog.

The Nature of Graffiti


Arts Everywhere for Shawn Van Sluys at Musagetes:


THING 2: This is my 14th post!

Here’s a small bonus gallery of the number that has followed me throughout my soccer years:
*will add some more as I find them/scan them

First row, third from the left.. not sure why I was wearing a hat.

Second row, second from the right. (Or first if you don’t count coach “Profe Pepe”). In the back you can see Azteca Stadium! Didn’t get to visit it but someday.. someday!

College days.

Getting my shirt retired was one of the coolest experiences. To get rewarded for something you just feel lucky to be doing is surreal. In the left is Douey Wright, the best striker I’ve played with and the main reason I got so many assists. In the middle CCNY’s president Gregory H. Williams.

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