016 I stopped blogging

It’s been 2 months since I wrote my last post

Have a couple of posts in my queue but either felt they were not ready or too personal, so I decided to write more about the web and the work I’ve been doing but I missed my first self-imposed Tuesday deadline, then another.. then another.. then another.. then.. oh hai.

This weekend, as I went through my very old notepad, found notes from An Event Apart conference last year in San Francisco. These were my notes from Jeffrey Zeldman’s talk The Fault, Dear Brutus (or: Career Advice From a Cranky Old Man):

Aesthetics are important, but everyone has their own…Attitude trumps work at most companies…Zeldman giving a Shot out to introverts…First impressions are forever…I am what stands between me and my success…If you can’t communicate you can’t sell…Blog like no one is reading

They took me back to one amazing conference, and that last note, the one where I should blog like no one is reading, got me thinking that I overthought my thinking (Who’d a thunk it?). So here I go again, trying to write a bit more and care a little less about getting to it.

Some notes on what I’m currently working on:

1. Got asked to take some B&W photos for my building’s lobby. The prints and the frames are ready and they look awesome! Will post some-color photos of the black and whites-photos when they are up.

2. FC Harlem grows faster every day. And the London Eye keeps on rolling.

3. Arts Everywhere and The Nature of Cities sites keep growing and creating amazing posts like this one in AE and this one in TNOC.

4. NYCFC projects are a lot more fun now that the team is winning. Next week we beat LA. Always a pleasure.

5. Added a contact page and form to my site and it is working great!
*Stole the slider idea from Zeldman’s site. Yes, the same Zeldman above, who I’ll also happen to see at this weeks’ Abstractions conference in Pittsburgh!