001 Is this the new Jupago?

This is the new me!

Well, not really, no. This is just the latest version. A lot more confident, more experienced, yet still full of self-doubts and never fully pleased with my work.

After naturally overthinking if my new portfolio site should have a blog, finally decided to go ahead and do it. Why? It’s a win-win!:
– Allows me to look back on progress.
– Gets me to write more; I miss writing in Spanish, yet still need to improve ESL skills.
– Allows me to create some case-studies and explain projects.
– Allows me to teach something to someone out there the way countless blogs have taught me.
– Allows me to properly credit the many, many people I’ve learned from.

Made a commitment to write a new post every Tuesday–my favorite day back in elementary school because it was “futbol” day–for a total of at least 52 posts in a year.

Decided to split posts into 4 categories:

1. Updates

Every time I add a feature to the site will write a couple of words about it. Everything from my menu to my footer. For now, just starting with the a clean template, courtesy of the awesome underscores team.

2. Case Studies

My work and the process behind it.

3. Brief Dispatches

Personal thoughts, mostly about being a designer/developer.

4. Today I Learned

Similar to Brief Dispatches, just shorter and not queued.

Now off to pick a typeface, get a decent photo (no jumping!) for the contact page and social media stuff (instagram, twitter) and dive into that CSS!

Update log

New Plugins:
Akismet. Only plugin I have right now. Not sure if I’ll leave comments open. I’m likely launching to crickets but while I have them open, Akismet should help filter those pesky SEO “experts” and other spam out of sight.

Cool Facts
My Logo above is a minified SVG with a grand total size of 3KB. Neat!

Screenshot of update:
Jupago 001: Screenshot