002 What am I?

1982 Born

New title: A kinda ugly, sorta cute baby

1988 Singing lessons from dad

New title: Choir Kid

1995 Want to draw like dad

New title: Saint Seiya drawing expert

1996 Learn MS-DOS

New title: Duke Nukem amateur, Gorillas Master (Angle:✓ Velocity:✓)

1999 New home

New title: New Yorker

1999 First Job: Pharmacy

New title: Stock-Boy

2000 Parents buy first computer

New title: Proud owner of a Compaq Desktop

2002 Windows rules, Macs are for weird people

New title: Proud owner of a new Sony Vaio laptop from the Wiz

2003 Start College at CCNY

New title: Confused

2003 Second job: Hotel

New title: In-room dining server

2004 Switch majors

New title: Former Microsoft paint user, Future Adobe Illustrator evangelist

2004 Learn HTML+CSS

New title: Hooked

2005 Macs are the best thing in the whole world

New title: Owner of an iBook G4

2006 Third job: French Chocolatier

New title: Sales Associate

2006 2-time Champion!

New title Conference Soccer Player of the Year

2007 Graduate College

New title: Bachelor in Electronic Design and Multimedia

2007 iBook Dies. Zero backups. Lose everything

New title: Depressed

2008 Asked to build a Flash site

New title: Web Designer with a job

2008 Wedding Day!

New title: Partner

2009 Asked to build 2 more Flash sites

New title: Copy-paste expert. Reverse engineer breaker of things.

2010 Referrals coming from all sides

New title: Graphic Designer, Flash expert, SEO master, Joomla developer, Microsoft Word specialist, Powerpoint 4 out of 5 stars user, Excel formulas connoisseur. HTML ace, CSS ninja, Photoshop power user, Prestashop developer, After Effects Tinkerer, InDesign CMYK-er. MySQL modifier, Domain Name purchaser, Dreamweaver-er, Incredible Googler

2010 First big website crash

New title: Impostor

2011 First freelance gig at Pure+Applied

New title: Thankful

2012 First WordPress Site from a template

New title: PHP Web Developer

2012 First Full custom template

New title: UX Designer

2013 Attend first Web Conference

New title: Inspired

2013 Start working with databases

New title: Web Designer | Front-End Developer

2014 Design more identities and print items

New title: Designer | Developer

2015 Multiple projects at once.

New title: Hybrid

2016 Published this post

Current Title: Designer who codes

Update log

New Plugins:
Jetpack. Have never used it and “supposedly” slows sites but I really liked what I saw from them at WordCamp US last December. If it doesn’t work for me at least I get to learn how it might work for client work.

Added new Fonts!
Two weights of the gorgeous Antenna Family for my headers hosted on Webtype, and FF Dagny Pro for body font hosted on Typekit. (Probably not the best for my performance budget down the line).

– Messed a bit with my stylesheets and margins. No contact photo yet. It is winter in NY and I’m set on doing an outdoor shoot.

Cool Facts
Antenna is the first font I used as a web font. First converted it (probably not best practice) then hosted it with font-face on clients’ shared server (super slow).. but hey! It worked and it looked amaaazing!

Screenshot of update:
Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.04.19 PM