003 Meet my worst enemy

Once upon a time, I was a young kid with a ton of free time…

In the late 80’s committed to finish Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros with only 1 life.
✓ Nailed it

In the late 90’s committed to drinking half-a-bottle of tequila to prove to my best friend that tequila’s big deal is that adults only liked it because of its weird taste.
✓ Nailed it.. I think, barely remember

In the early 00’s Committed to covering my whole room with chalk. Pretty sure I still have chalk in my lungs but..
✓ Nailed it

Ignore the broom. The robot in the middle was drawn by my good friend Victor Salas.

In the early 10’s committed to travel with Betty for 60 days straight.
✓ Nailed it… twice!!

Seeing something through (including those things that end up being a waste of time) tends to give me a huge morale boost, so I’ve naturally overcommitted many, many times.

In the late 00’s Overcommitted to organizing my photos, by name, by date, by people in the photo..several years later..
Thousands of photos to go still

In 2008 I was going to do the best wedding album ever.
Didn’t get past page 4 yet.

In 2014 committed to have my website done and it was going to be epic.
Making up 2 years later.

The list goes on and on and on, side projects, requests, personal projects, memberships..

At some point you get to learn the weight words carry and realize that keeping your word is an asset. An essential one.

You learn that you can’t blame clients for not taking you seriously, or your bosses for being unfair, or your friends for cancelling on you. It is all you. Be professional, be accountable, keep your principles, and keep your word. Everything else should fall right into place.

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