004 Bonjour!

Remember that post last week about overcommitment?

Started making a list of the things I’ve yet to complete and started arranging them by length, category (personal or professional), and whether they are worth completing or discarding.

One item on that list I’ve had for the longest is: Learn French.

<inner voice>
Why French dude! Italian is easier for you! It is similar to Spanish but with a lot more hand movement!.. Or Portuguese! Or go for something non-romance like Japanese or Mandarin!
</inner voice>

It all started back when I was working at a french chocolatier a few years back (Learning key words was part of my job, but following a conversation was always tough), and continued once we visited France. One of those things you feel like you can do if you apply yourself but can never get past the greetings section.


I’m giving myself 8 months to learn it.

That’s about 32 weeks, so post #36 will be an update and if possible should be partially in French.

This is a personal project so I need to find ways to do it on my free time. So far I’ve got some options:
Subway rides, Can get a solid 2 hours a week if I mix in some podcast lessons between RadioLab, This American Life, The Big Web Show, and Shoptalk Show.
Unwinding, Probably less social thing, less checking on how Real Madrid is doing, and maybe sneak in a lesson between the time I stop working at night and Colbert.

Ok, so now that it is out there, there is NO WAY I can not complete it.

<inner voice>
Oh yes there are. Many
</inner voice>

A bientot!