009 A tiny milestone is delayed

Last week I wrote about an upcoming case study I’m working on. I (sort of) cheated and since updated the post to read next week instead of this weekend.

This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to balance as a freelancer. Stay accountable while setting real expectations. My current plan is to put as much time as I can from any extra hours I get to my portfolio. But I also got a couple of awesome new project going that are taking a lot of my time so that leaves me with little to no extra time.

So it comes down to either:
a) Set a date when I’m 100% sure I’ll keep my word.
b) Don’t set a date dude, just put it out there when it’s done.
c) Set your date, it at least puts some pressure to deliver even if late.

I’m leaning towards C for now, just give myself more leeway.
At the end of the day actions > words.