010 #OneDayIWill

Today is International Women’s Day so I wanted to take a second to recognize all of the women in my life.

But.. but.. “everyday should be Women’s Day” you say.

Yes, it should. It hasn’t been, and we’ve done a very shitty job through out the years.

Almost equal does not equal equal

Today is as good day as any to remember:

– That grandma grew up not being allowed to vote.
– That Mom grew up being trained on how to be a good housewife.
– That today, many women doing the same exact work I do are likely to earn around 80 cents per dollar.
– That right now, somewhere in twitter, there is a man refuting an accomplishment by a woman. Best case scenario it has “only a touch” of sarcasm. Worst case it is someone hiding under anonymity throwing insults and threats.

I used to think I should just ignore the misogynist, the sexist, and the racist of the world. The seemingly harmless stereotypes and people with answers like “actually, all lives matter” or “God created Adam and Eve”.

I don’t think that anymore, it is not fair to hide under any privileges I get. In this case just for being a man.

So Happy International Women’s Day!
To that badass partner I get to call my wife.
To all of the women in my big Mexicovenezuecuadorisalvadoperuvipuertorican family.
To all of my colleagues and friends.
And to all of the women out there.

Everyday SHOULD be Women’s Day.
It is not.
Let’s make it.

Title credit to Google’s awesome doodle campaign